The Saints go marching in!

As most of you know here in the south we take our football VERY seriously! It is a true religion, and the fastest way to end what could have been a beautiful friendship, relationship, or what have you. So how does a city like Atlanta spend Super Bowl weekend? Engulfed in football of course!

Friday night in midtown Flip Flops has become the new post-college hang out spot. This of course is where the weekend began with nonstop debates, bets being placed, tasty frozen cocktails and great music from DJ Cam all night. Flip Flops is so conducive to the southern foot ball vibe that there were special requests for them to open game day!

The real work ladies and gentlemen, all took place Saturday! With nearly 70,000 people in attendance the World Congress Center was a flutter. With little girls as young as five alongside cheerleaders at the college level, Atlanta was the center of the world of cheer! Participating there were around 1400 teams competing in dance, and cheer. That is a lot of pep for one room!! The Inn at the Peachtrees wants to congratulate the participants for all the work they put into making this Saturday great and we had a special little guest here at the Inn at the Peachtrees whose team placed third in their divisions and she was awarded a bronze medal! So a big CONGRATULATIONS goes out to her!

Someone once told me that Sundays were invented for football. I tried to argue the validity of the claim but again in the south there is no point in doing so. This Sunday no matter what team we were rooting for Atlantans were glued to the TV watching the game. Every bar in town had great game day specials with the game on the big screen! And whether you were rooting for the Saints or the Colts it was a gut wrenching game that was well worth the hype. WHO DAT!! The Saints pulled through. Congratulations to them and the City of New Orleans!

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