Bouncing back!

It’s no secret the country is in a recession. In the cyclical economy we live in, it was inevitable. The positive of this is that the bounce back is inevitable as well. In the past what helped was a rise in consumer spending. The theory behind the trickledown effect was just that. Give big businesses money to spend and then slowly they will create jobs and pass the money along to the consumer and boost the economy. However in Atlanta there are still 5 applicants for every available job. The situation in Atlanta is much more positive than in other cities.

For the fifth month in a row the country did see a rise in consumer spending. The margin was minimal and was focused more on clothing and food and not larger items. The climb was slowed last month because of the unusual weather and snow storms in the north east but it is a great sign none the less! Still forecasters, the economic ones not the weather ones, are saying that the key to our bounce back is job creation and travel! Of course here at the Inn at the Peachtrees that is EXACTLY what we believe as well. So we are doing our part.

We would like to welcome the new face at our Front Desk, Crystal. As we get ready to embark in our renovation there are many more changes to come. We look forward to adding a full restaurant as well as renovating our banquet hall to accommodate larger gatherings and of course our rooms will be getting a facelift and we fully expect to double our staff by the end of summer. So come by and visit, that a spring break, and check out our progress when you are in next in Atlanta!

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