“Now You Know”

The Hawks, who bounced around as much as the Braves before settling in Atlanta share much of the Braves’ history. After brief stints in Milwaukee they both caught the attention of bigger markets, eventually landing in one of the fastest growing cities in the country. Both teams were also owned by Ted Turner and experienced their best years in Atlanta under his leadership. Most importantly though, both teams are bouncing back to the caliber they should be at, making Atlanta proud this past weekend.

The National Basketball League added the Buffalo Bisons in 1946, which after a lucky 13 games moved to Illinois to become the Tri-city Blackhawks. The Blackhawks had a winning team and went on to become one of the 17 original teams of the newly formed NBA, even winning the playoffs the first year in 1949. The move to Milwaukee didn’t fare as well. After the move in 1951 the Hawks became known as one of the worst teams in the NBA. That and the loss of fans to the Milwaukee Braves helped fuel the decision to move the Hawks to St. Louis in 1955. It was here that things finally started to turn around for the team.

The time in St Louis truly was the heyday for the Hawks. In 1957 they made it to the finals for the first time, only to lose to the Celtics in game 7 after what is known as one of the best games in the NBA. They finally fell after double overtime, only to come back the next year and take the Celtics in game 6. They followed up with a few more visits to the finals when it was realized they needed a bigger arena. St Louis however wasn’t ready so the Hawks finally moved to Atlanta.

Since coming to Atlanta in 1968 the Hawks have had their ups and downs. Their best performances were while Ted Turner was owner, however they never made it back to the finals. After falling short consistently in the semi-finals the Hawks fell into a cycle of mediocrity that we are finally pulling out of. We have a team that is strong enough to go all the way. But why did they take so long getting to the semi-finals? The Hawks need a challenge and that’s what they are going to get with the Orlando Magic. The play their best under pressure. Its’ their time and they will show us what they are made of! We here at the Inn at the Peachtrees look forward to the winning season as well as pregame events next season after our renovation is complete.


How Does Your Garden Grow

Tomorrow the Atlanta Botanical Gardens will be doubling in size. The previously 30 acre garden nestled into Midtown Atlanta has added an Edible Garden, a Canopy Walk, and a Cascade Garden to their already lavish gardens and ever changing exhibits. Celebrating tomorrow with a Grand Opening which kicks off at 10 a.m. there will be a little bit of something for everyone.

With a mission to “develop and maintain plant collections for the purposes of display, education, conservation, research and enjoyment” the Atlanta Botanical Gardens incorporated as a non profit in 1976. Nearly 35 years later they are living up to the mission with their newest expansions. The Edible Garden transformed from a parking lot is intended to encourage visitors to grow beautiful healthy food. They go a step further as well by having guest chefs come in and teach visitors how to cook with home grown fruits and veggies, with leftovers to be donated to local shelters.

The Canopy Walk is the first one of its kind designed to completely respect its surroundings, as it allows visitors to roam through the trees of the Storza Woodlands. As it structurally disappears into its surroundings you will feel like you are walking on clouds as you look down at tree tops and other native plants. This is truly going to become a destination for visitors and we are lucky enough to have it in our back yard.

With the Grand Opening also brings a new welcome way, the Cascade Garden. The peaceful waterfall and tropical plants, including about 50 varieties of ginger, add dimension to the entrance transforming it into a Hawaiian post card.

This weekend’s date suggestion, of course, is an afternoon at the botanical gardens followed by the Braves game. Our boys need some encouragement now that they are finally home. Tickets start at $6, and they need the help to end the losing streak! Besides there is nothing better than a spring afternoon at the ball park.

The Home of the Braves

As we Atlantans get ready to say goodbye to Bobby Cox, it is hard to imagine the Braves without him. Cox’s leadership lead us to an unparalleled 14 consecutive division titles, advancing to the world series five times and winning in 1995! The Braves have seen many successful years in their long history but nothing compared to what we have experienced with Cox and Atlantans everywhere are hoping that “America’s Team” goes all the way for Cox’s last season.

The Braves actually started as the Boston Red Stocking in 1870 and are the longest continuously running team in Major League Baseball. Changing their names to “The Beaneater” in 1883, the team was trying to avoid being confused with the Cincinnati Reds, and tie their kinship to Boston. Obviously the name didn’t stick but finally in 1912 “The Braves” did. The Boston Braves had roller coaster seasons but none stood out more than what is known as the Miracle Season. The Braves were looking bleak by July 4, 1914 with a record of 26-40 by the end of a losing double header. Suddenly though July 6 something clicked and their luck began to change and a hot streak begun! By August 12 they had moved up to second place from last place on July 18. The miracles didn’t stop there. Even though they were considered the underdog at the world series they went in with their heads held high and swept the Philadelphia A’s at Fenway Park! The winning season was followed by inconsistency and Babe Ruth was acquired in hopes of a turnaround. While the plans didn’t quite pan out Babe Ruth did hit his record breaking home runs as a Brave and retired as one as well.

In 1953 The Braves moved to Milwaukee where they never had a losing record! How could they with power houses like Hank Aaron and Eddie Mathews, taking them all the way winning the World Series again in 1957. Mathews playing in all three cities The Braves were based in, and Aaron actually ended up beating Ruth’s home run record in Atlanta Stadium. After a long successful run in Milwaukee the Braves were looking for a broader television market leading them to our beautiful city in 1966!

That is exactly what they got in 1976 when Ted Turner bought The Braves! He is accredited with making them “America’s Team” by airing all the games up to the 2008 season on TBS. Bobby Cox’s first run with The Braves was managing the 1978 season but he was fired in 1981. While they had a winning season in 1982 there was a decline until Cox returned in 1986 as general manager and then 1991 as dug out manager, bringing us to today.

As you head over to Turner Field to enjoy the days ahead take in a piece of history. While the stadium may have changed and great players have come and gone, what always remains is the pride we Atlantans have in our Braves. With one World Series tucked neatly under our belts in Atlanta we at the Inn at the Peachtrees are looking forward to 2010 starting the next line of consecutive winning seasons!

Road to a Healthy Atlanta

The Peachtree Road Race opened up registration this past weekend, and for a few minutes the website had so much traffic that it crashed. It was up and running soon enough and registration commenced and was closed last night. If you didn’t get a chance to register don’t worry though. Traditional paper registration is still an option. The registration form will run in this coming Sunday’s paper and 10,000 slots have been held.

The largest race in the United States, the 10k Peachtree Road Race will have 55,000 participants! So Atlantans are getting healthy in preparation. As the weather stabilizes Atlantans will slowly come to surface and litter the pavements in their running shoes. But so much more goes into being able to run a 10k in Atlanta’s July sun. Training involves stamina, not just speed. While the fast time recorded was a Kenyan man clocking in just less than 28 minutes, most people pride themselves in just finishing.

Atlantans will surely start training in their neighborhoods, or gyms but for those of you that need a change of scenery as I do don’t be discouraged. Atlanta is filled with pavement and dirt tracks to clear your head or take in some fresh air. Chastain Park is a beautiful paved trail that has a 2.5 mile loop, while Atlanta Memorial Park has a 1.9 mile dirt loop. http://smcadam.tripod.com/trails/ is a great website to find details on trails ITP and OTP. Another great resource to help you stick your running is a running group. to find one in your area contact the Atlanta Track Club.

Once a routine is fixed for running one should be set into place for diet. Healthy eating can mean the difference between a couple minutes off your time or finishing the race at all. Atlanta actually has a heap of options when it comes to healthy eating. First and foremost is and Atlanta favorite, the Flying Biscuit! The Flying Biscuit has taken traditional southern comfort food and slashed calories, cut down fat, and still kept the entire flavor. Local healthy hot spots also include Green Sprouts, an Asian wonder, R Thomas Deluxe Grill a figure friendly dinner, and Ria’s Blue Bird, a homey little place in the city. Happy trails.

NASCAR and Glam

It feels so much better to have fun when it’s for a good cause! Last night the place to be to watch the Academy Awards was at the Cobb Energy Performing Arts Center. While black tie was optional it was a marvelous looking crowd that enjoyed the Oscars in style and helped raise money for a very important organization. And what a night it was for Atlanta. We had many Atlanta natives attending the Academy Awards of course but Tyler Perry stood out from the crowd! Asked to be a presenter, Perry was funny and elegant all at the same time. We are honored to call him one of our own and look forward to a win or two in the future. The C.E.P.A.C hosted about 600 guests for a night of great food, drinks, and dancing, and of course the glitz and glamour of Oscar. It was the 9th annual Atlanta Red Carpet event and they raised money for The Center of Family Resources.

CFR has been helping low-income Atlanta families since 1960 with things such as employment, education, housing services, leadership development programs, mentoring opportunities, temporary financial, and food assistance. It is truly inspiring to see such selfless people still exist in our society and make such a difference. We here at the Inn at the Peachtrees salute you and all the work you do to better our city!

On the other end of the spectrum good old family fun was had at Atlanta Motor Speedway with NASCAR in town. What a perfect weekend for NASCAR. With the temperature reaching the 60’s things were heating up. Most notably with Brad Keselowski and Carl Edwards we look forward to seeing how this little feud plays out and look forward to NASCAR and our friend the HardCore RaceFans returning to Atlanta and the Inn at the Peachtrees in September.


Only in Atlanta can you go from 27 degree high to 57 degrees in 48 hours. That seems to be a theme that we are extending into the weekend. We seem to be going from one extreme to another. Our highs are reaching the 60’s, spring is definitely in the air, but the winter is lingering with the 26 degree lows. Atlantans are ready to come out of hibernation! So what will you be doing this weekend?
For those of you that are sad to see the cold go this weekend is the final weekend for Snow Mountain. Take the kids sledding and enjoy some hot chocolate and get ready for warms skies to come. Six flags over Georgia are opening this weekend, just as Snow Mountain comes to a close. Perfect for those of you ready to celebrate the sun!
This weekend we are hosting NASCAR at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Inn at the Peachtrees would like to welcome Hardcore Racefans that have already started making their way to the city. We are in for an exceptional weekend. So whatever you decide to do this weekend make the most of it. Take in some sun. Enjoy it while you can, because Mother Nature is full of surprises!

One World

This weekend here in Atlanta we enjoyed beautiful spring weather. With temperatures reaching the 50’s and the sun shining it has been hard to think of anything other than spring. Around town you could see couples out walking, Atlantic Station full of shoppers, and of course Piedmont Park was full of friends playing and picnicking alike. One student said “I don’t know how much studying I’m going to get done out here but it’s too nice of a day to be cooped up inside”. I must admit I agree. As we were enjoying our lazy weekend weather other parts of the world were in distress.

Chile suffered from an earthquake that was an 8.8 on the Richter scale that caused tsunamis in both Hawaii and Japan. Our hearts go out to everyone who has suffered a loss in this tragedy. The silver lining if you would like to call it that is due to the ample warning given by scientists, there were minimal loss in the tsunamis. Sunday during the closing ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympics while the world came together as one to celebrate sport and the accomplishment of these remarkable athletes, we also kept in our heart the struggle to come.

The 2010 Winter Olympics had a captivating closing filled with moving speeches, extravagant performances on ice, and rocking live music. Where else are you going to see Alanis Morissette, Michael J Fox, Neil Young, Averill Levine, and Nickelback on one stage with the world’s top athletes such as Shaun White and Anton Ohno, followed by hockey themed ice capades? Canada should be proud of not only the closing but the 14 gold medals they received. They received more gold medals than any other country becoming the first host country to accomplish the feat during the winter games. USA received the most medals over all with final count at 9 gold, 15 silvers, and 13 bronzes. We actually set a world record in the number of medals received during winter games!

Here in Atlanta we are looking forward to so much. Baseball being in the forefront. Braves spring training is underway. With the official season around the corner I’m sure every Atlantan can agree with Chuck Tanner when he said “If you don’t like the way the Atlanta Braves are playing then you don’t like baseball.” Following the Braves at a close second is the spring festival season with the local favorites like the Oyster Fest a few weeks ago and of course new festivals we welcome whole heartedly like the Winter Beer Carnival we had last weekend Atlanta looks forward to a spring full of merriment.

As for what’s to come this week, Atlanta is busy getting healthy! We have with us The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society as well as Signature HealthCARE in town for their respective annual conferences. With Emory and Morehouse Schools of Medicine and Grady Hospital all located in Atlanta it would be a natural choice for the conferences to be held here. We hope you enjoy your time with us in Atlanta, and the Inn at the Peachtrees is delighted to have you!