Where in Atlanta is Lima?

We have had an eventful week here in Atlanta as usual! The Circus is in town and this year the Ringling Brothers are making their presence known. Or rather their 12 year old Zebra Lima is making their presence known. Yesterday during a rehearsal in Phillips Arena Lima was startled by something and decided to make her escape.

Lima managed to cleverly break free of her trainer made a B-line for the gate, managed to hightail it through the fence and she was ready to explore our fair metropolis. “And where did Lima go?”, one might ask. Well like any newcomer she made her rounds and spent most of her time on the road. She went towards Five Points and spent most of her time away galloping along the streets of Atlanta. She was spotted a few blocks from Centennial Olympic Park which would have been a nice stop on the lovely day we had yesterday.

Zebra’s day out did come to an end however. Lima made the one mistake we all do time and again at 5pm and that mistake was the downtown connecter. She was cornered by police just before MLK Jr. on the connector. Her trainer was called in and Lima was taken back with only minor scrapes and bruises and a heck of a story to tell her zebra friends. Lima’s vets and trainers are confident that she will be able to perform on schedule and we definitely look forward to seeing it! The Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey Circus is in town all weekend with their ZING ZANG ZOOM tour doing a total of 7 shows and tickets are still available.

We are looking forward to contestants trying out for America’s Got Talent this weekend, and the Bronner Brothers’ Mid Winter Hair show is also going on this weekend and the Inn at the Peachtrees would like to extend a warm welcome to all of the attendees. The weekend will be a beautiful one with amazing weather, unspeakable talent, and cutting edge hair fashion. Atlanta is most definitely the place to be!