Only in Atlanta can you go from 27 degree high to 57 degrees in 48 hours. That seems to be a theme that we are extending into the weekend. We seem to be going from one extreme to another. Our highs are reaching the 60’s, spring is definitely in the air, but the winter is lingering with the 26 degree lows. Atlantans are ready to come out of hibernation! So what will you be doing this weekend?
For those of you that are sad to see the cold go this weekend is the final weekend for Snow Mountain. Take the kids sledding and enjoy some hot chocolate and get ready for warms skies to come. Six flags over Georgia are opening this weekend, just as Snow Mountain comes to a close. Perfect for those of you ready to celebrate the sun!
This weekend we are hosting NASCAR at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. Inn at the Peachtrees would like to welcome Hardcore Racefans that have already started making their way to the city. We are in for an exceptional weekend. So whatever you decide to do this weekend make the most of it. Take in some sun. Enjoy it while you can, because Mother Nature is full of surprises!