The Home of the Braves

As we Atlantans get ready to say goodbye to Bobby Cox, it is hard to imagine the Braves without him. Cox’s leadership lead us to an unparalleled 14 consecutive division titles, advancing to the world series five times and winning in 1995! The Braves have seen many successful years in their long history but nothing compared to what we have experienced with Cox and Atlantans everywhere are hoping that “America’s Team” goes all the way for Cox’s last season.

The Braves actually started as the Boston Red Stocking in 1870 and are the longest continuously running team in Major League Baseball. Changing their names to “The Beaneater” in 1883, the team was trying to avoid being confused with the Cincinnati Reds, and tie their kinship to Boston. Obviously the name didn’t stick but finally in 1912 “The Braves” did. The Boston Braves had roller coaster seasons but none stood out more than what is known as the Miracle Season. The Braves were looking bleak by July 4, 1914 with a record of 26-40 by the end of a losing double header. Suddenly though July 6 something clicked and their luck began to change and a hot streak begun! By August 12 they had moved up to second place from last place on July 18. The miracles didn’t stop there. Even though they were considered the underdog at the world series they went in with their heads held high and swept the Philadelphia A’s at Fenway Park! The winning season was followed by inconsistency and Babe Ruth was acquired in hopes of a turnaround. While the plans didn’t quite pan out Babe Ruth did hit his record breaking home runs as a Brave and retired as one as well.

In 1953 The Braves moved to Milwaukee where they never had a losing record! How could they with power houses like Hank Aaron and Eddie Mathews, taking them all the way winning the World Series again in 1957. Mathews playing in all three cities The Braves were based in, and Aaron actually ended up beating Ruth’s home run record in Atlanta Stadium. After a long successful run in Milwaukee the Braves were looking for a broader television market leading them to our beautiful city in 1966!

That is exactly what they got in 1976 when Ted Turner bought The Braves! He is accredited with making them “America’s Team” by airing all the games up to the 2008 season on TBS. Bobby Cox’s first run with The Braves was managing the 1978 season but he was fired in 1981. While they had a winning season in 1982 there was a decline until Cox returned in 1986 as general manager and then 1991 as dug out manager, bringing us to today.

As you head over to Turner Field to enjoy the days ahead take in a piece of history. While the stadium may have changed and great players have come and gone, what always remains is the pride we Atlantans have in our Braves. With one World Series tucked neatly under our belts in Atlanta we at the Inn at the Peachtrees are looking forward to 2010 starting the next line of consecutive winning seasons!


Atlanta Sees the Brighter Days Ahead

Henry Ford once said, “A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business.” And we in the south certainly believe that. Atlanta being the empire of the south is home to many businesses, and soon thanks to all the work put into the city by the amazing elected officials as well as all the business men and women we can confidently see brighter days ahead.

While I am in no way claiming an overnight turnaround for Atlanta’s economy I am confidently claiming that we are at an amazing point in Atlanta where we can claim slowly but surely we are rising above. What am I basing this on? Well granted with all the negative media out there it is hard to find the silver lining but it starts with Atlanta based businesses. For example Home Depot, UPS and Delta announce that they are unfreezing salary raises. With all three corporate offices located in the city we are looking for an economic boost with the news. Not to mention TBS a home town favorite, started by none other than Ted Turner himself, is also in the process of expanding in the city and creating more jobs for Atlantans. This is a great jumping off point for Atlanta, and just the morale boost we needed.

Now that our home based businesses are getting back on track we can focus on the new businesses that will be joining us and making sure they feel at home. With companies such as NCR, Novelis, ANTs, and Sony Ericson relocating their Head Quarters to Atlanta we look forward to seeing a substantial growth in jobs. Cobb County alone has already expected 1,400 temporary jobs to be created in the next few months. It’s not hard to see what attracts these companies to our amazing city. We have beautiful weather, low cost of living, metropolitan arts, yet family orientated atmosphere and of course Southern Hospitality! Let’s look forward to growing together!

Speaking of southern hospitality, Bronner Brothers, another Atlanta based company, hosted their Annual Mid-Winter Hair Show this past weekend at the Georgia World Congress Center. We here at the Inn at the Peachtrees loved having guests stay with us and show off all they learned at the show, it was a marvelous display. If you haven’t seen pictures of the imaginative elaborate hairstyles created I recommend you do!