Happy Birthday Mr. Cash.

Today is Mr. Johnny Cash’s birthday, he would have been 78. His daughter happened to make a phone call earlier this week to Lou Sulcer for remembering her father. Lou Sulcer is a 71 year old gentleman that lives in Woodstock Georgia. He was given an IPod nano by his kids for last year and had downloaded about a hundred songs since. Being the country music fan he is he was downloading “Guess Things Happen That Way” by Johnny Cash. Suddenly before he knew what was going on Steve Jobs was on the phone congratulating him for the 10 BILLIONTH download from iTunes and telling him he had just won 10 thousand dollars.
In disbelief on the phone with Steve jobs himself Lou chit chatted about how he was frustrated trying to learn to play the guitar. Lou was also approached about Rolling Stone articles and what not, but bashfully stated “Rolling Stone is going to be so disappointed with this old man.” Well Lou we are not disappointed at all and with $10,000 worth of downloads that is more than enough country music and guitar lessons to make you a pro.
Inn at the Peachtrees would like to welcome the Home Healthcare Convention as well as Motocross! We have a packed house and look forward to a great weekend. This weekend is also the launch of the high museum of art’s new exhibit “The Allure of the Automobile”, and last night was opening night for True Colors Theater’s new play “Our Town” a must see!